Our team comprises of highly skilled and experienced cleaning professionals specialising in building and construction cleaning. We are certified and trained to handle the post-construction cleaning process including the removal of dust, debris, and residue after a building or renovation project, cleaning of floors, fixtures and fittings, as well as window cleaning.



Licenced & Trained

Our team consists of licensed and trained professionals who hold White Cards, ensuring that they have the necessary knowledge and qualifications to perform their tasks safely and efficiently.

Vehicles and Equipment

All our vehicles are equipped and specifically designed for various cleaning tasks. From high-pressure washers to specialised cleaning tools, our team has the latest equipment to deliver exceptional cleaning outcomes.

Knowledge of Chemicals

Our team has in-depth knowledge of various cleaning chemicals and their specific applications. Our expertise allows us to select the most appropriate chemicals for different cleaning tasks, ensuring effective and efficient results.

Tailored Solutions

Our cleaning services are customised to meet your unique needs. From windows to floors, we deliver exceptional results. Our expert team specialises in deep cleaning surfaces, removing tough stains and residue. With attention to detail and advanced techniques, we ensure spotless spaces, whether it’s concrete, tile, or carpet. For powerful cleaning, our high-pressure service tackles stubborn dirt.


We offer builders clean services that can adapt to your project’s timeline. Whether you require a short-term clean or an ongoing cleaning arrangement, our team is flexible and can accommodate our clients needs. We work closely with you to determine the most suitable duration for our cleaning services, ensuring that your site remains clean and presentable throughout the construction process.


With close supervisors over all sites, we have a keen eye for detail and ensure that no corner is overlooked. We closely monitor the cleaning process to ensure that every surface is thoroughly cleaned and maintained. Our supervisors streamline the cleaning operations, ensuring that tasks are executed promptly and efficiently.